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Home Energy Savings

Home Energy Savings

Fair and Square Plumbing is BBB Accredited and a FortisBC Trade Ally Network Contractor. We offer many Home Energy Efficient Products and Services. Tankless water heaters are a great cost saving measure for you and are beneficial to the environment at the same time.

Tankless water heaters use gas technology to provide a continuous and endless supply of hot water. The benefit of converting to a Tankless Water Heater is that water will only be heated when it is being used.

This allows you and your family to greatly reduce water-heating costs. You will also get the added benefit of the flexibility a tankless water heater provides as it can be placed in any space or room in your house as opposed to requiring space for large storage tanks.

Lastly, it provides you with the convenience and comfort your family deserves. Let us get you on the road to Home Energy Savings!

FortisBC Rebates and Energy Efficiency Info

FortisBC Rebate Offers

Visit FortisBC and access How-to Videos, Energy Rebate Centre for Business, Home Energy Calculator and the New Home Program.

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